Pirate Woman Costume

What would you like to be this Halloween? Have you ever considered dressing up as a pilot? If so, then the South Seas Siren Pirate Costume is a definite possibility. Female pirates embody everything that is fun and entertaining about this time of year. In other words, it takes careful consideration to come up with a good costume – and the South Seas Siren is an excellent choice.

What is it that you want to be? As a woman, sometimes it’s fun to dress a little sexy. The “pirate woman costume” definitely satisfies that definition. Not only that, but as far as costumes goes, pirates rank as amongst the all time best.

The adult South Seas Pirate Costume is a classic is that is popular from year to year. It’s sexy without being too revealing. In fact, when the costume is complete with tall boots and a long blouse there is barely any skin showing. Still, the overall effect is that it is a very attractive costume.

When you choose one of the pirate costumes for women you have the chance to be a tough, beautiful female pirate for the night. You’ll even have the chance to carry around a sword. However, the boots don’t come with the costume so you’ll have to supply those on your own.

The costume comes complete with a lacy, off the shoulder, long sleeved blouse, a pirate skirt, and a lace up bodice. It also comes in a variety of sizes which means that it will fit almost everyone.

So, what is it about pirates that are so appealing, especially female ones? Well, the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has made pirate costumes a very good choice. Even though this particular costume has nothing to do with the movie franchise, it is a great choice.